A wonderful love affair between a sheep and a ram

Today I’m going to tell you a wonderful love affair between a sheep and a ram.

The 5th of May is our wedding anniversary, are 21 years that we are married and 27 that we live together, we spent more than half of our lives closer each other.

Last year we have celebrated our twenty’s anniversary with a video.
This year no gift, it began in stormy way, it will be the leap year, who knows?
Anyway we have had a sort of gift and enormous.

The history is unbelievable .. we have a sheep called the “Fat” a name that never was more appropriate because it is round, beautiful and soft, but despite having already a certain age for a sheep, has never been pregnant. The shearer told us that hardly fat sheep remain pregnant and in fact in all these years never happened.

I have always refused to give away the “Fat” because it was not productive, she is so beautiful .. (is it really true that beauty sometimes helps being in the world). But this winter Franco once again returned to the charge: “Why keep this sheep that doesn’t produce, eat and stop” – and so I thought maybe he was right, it was time to give she away, stop to be sentimental, which is the reason why I’m not a good entrepreneur.

But … maybe the “Fat” has heard us …

Let’s step back two years, to 2014, the year of the wolf massacre that killed seven sheep. Ten days later it came to light a little lamb we called Nemo. We decided to keep it, despite being male, because together the two Speme females and Pinky was a symbol of rebirth in all directions as a result of this sad episode. Nemo grew so well, is now a ram respectable, fairly sweet, and fortunately has no horns.

Just reached sexual maturity the ram Nemo showed a particular attachment to Grassa, they seemed like Peynet’s lovers. For goodness sake, he never disdained the other sheep, but for her it was love, just with a capital letter.

For a whole year we see him coveting the “Fat”, always behind, always on, do not let up for a moment and we explain him that it was all a waste of time, would not have born fruits from this attachment.. but you know, love is love.

And then? We arrive at today .. finally from this love is born a female lamb that we have decided to call “Love”.

Great anniversary gift!

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