a choice between sand and rocks
the unexpected sea near Lunigiana
where you can swim
looking at Porto Venere
surfing on Forte dei Marmi weaves

Lunigiana’s sea

Lunigiana sea

You think that there isn’t a “Lunigiana sea”? Do you think that the only thing missing in Lunigiana is the sea?

Well, you are wrong because  the Ligurian and Tuscany coast are so near us that you will be spoiled for choice between the beginning of the beach of the Versilia, sand of small pebbles like the ones you can find in Fiascherino, the unforgettable rocks of Tellaro and more.
A coast of many colours, evocative and unique. Villages overlooking the sea, green hills and crystal clear water. The Gulf of Poets invites you quietly and it is not surprising that it was loved by poets and writers like Shelley, Byron, Petrarch and Montale. From here you can easely reach the Amelia coast that begins at the Marinella’s beach and arrive at the Tellaro’s rocks. Between this two place you can find long sand beachs. Inside the Monte Marcello’s Park you find two beachs, Punta Bianca e Punta Corvo that can be reach by foot or by boat that depart from Fiumaretta or Bocca di Magra.
There is a wonderful route through the Monte Marcello’s Park that will bring you till Lerici.
In the opposite side of the La Spezia bay you find Porto Venere, a typical fishermen village and here you can take the boat for the 5 Land National Park  to give a look at Riomaggiore, Vernazza and all the other wonderful sea hamlets.


The village of Porto Venere is located at the southern end of a peninsula, which could become detached from the indented coastline of the Italian riviera, forming the western shore of the Gulf of La Spezia or also called Poet’s Gulf. At the end of this peninsula there are three small islands: the Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto. Only the Palmaria Island, which lies just opposite the village of Porto Venere beyond a narrow Strait, is in small inhabited part.
Very famous beaches of the area, thanks to the crystal clear water and strong current of the Ligurian Sea, near the coast reaches suddenly discrete depths. The beaches in the northwest side of the island Palmaria, mentioned also in the blue guide Legambiente and Italian Touring Club. The ancient village of the country, on the cliff and the islands of the archipelago insists the regional natural park of Porto Venere.


The territory of Lerici is situated in the Levante riviera, on the eastern shore of the Gulf of La Spezia.
It stands in the middle of a small natural Bay called sinus of Lerici and dominated by a headland on which stands the imposing Castle, now a museum.
With Porto Venere and S. Terenzo is one of the most important villages of the Gulf Poet’s, and we suggest to visit by boat with the boats of the Consorzio Marittimo Turistico. The frazione of Tellaro is part of the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy.
For many years, Lerici has hosted Lord Byron, Mary Shelley and Percy Bysshe Shelley. Is one of the most famous villages of Liguria, visited by many tourists throughout the year.