the New York Times and Lunigiana

The New York Times and Lunigiana it’s a lovely article where the writer describes Lunigiana and may be it’s the right time to come for visit this land.

the beginning of this article is gorgeous:

“Sometime in late May the shining sun announces that spring has started to slide into summer in the Lunigiana, a region in northwestern Italy that straddles the border between Tuscany and Liguria. This geographically diverse area that I have called home since 2007 is at its best in that glorious shoulder season when secrets can be unearthed both up in the mountains and down by the sea.”

I’m absolutely agree with this words because it’s true, May is a beautiful month, plenty of different colors charge and perfumes and announces the beginning of a summer that all of us hope will be fruitful. At the moment in Lunigiana tourist’s season it is only in the canonical periods because is an unknown land but something is slowly changing, as evidenced by this article of “The New York Times”

It’s a pleasure that people like  Ingrid K. Williams, a freelance writer, has felt in love with those places and the title of the article

“LUNIGIANA Song of the Italian Sea” evoke landscapes of historical Lunigiana, of this region between Ligurian sea and mountains, where the river Magra flows slow in this green valley and you can feel like on lost paradise in any time of season, from Spring to Autunm and wake up one morning deciding to have a breakfast  at sea, in Fiascherino and have a dinner with typical Lunigiana’s food like sgabei with fresh stracchino cheese or lardo di Colonnata, among other delicacies of this unknown corner of Tuscany and “…the first bite of sgabei makes a convincing case that the best-kept secrets of the Lunigiana are the unheralded culinary traditions of this ancient territory nestled between the mountains and the sea”..

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